ATG Quirkies: Choosing the Right Book Is Easy in these Bookstores

by | Jun 23, 2015 | 0 comments

The one-book book shop must be the latest trend! And it looks like its going international!!  Checkout these two posts:  Author opens one-book shop to sell his own work with its focus on Andrew Kessler’s  “‘monobookist’ outlet in New York” which he started to promote his study of Nasa’s Mars probe, Martian Summer and  Essential reading: the single book Morioka Shoten bookstore opens in Ginza, Tokyo, which tells of Yoshiyuki Morioka’s bookstore where the “featured book changes weekly and is occasionally accompanied by art works, photographs or other related items…”

Photography: Nacasa & Partners, Miyuki Kaneko

Photography: Nacasa & Partners, Miyuki Kaneko

It gives hope to those of us whose most cherished fantasy is to one day have our own bookstore.

(The source of ATG Quirkies is John Riley of Gabriel Books)

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