<span class="padlock_text"></span> v27 #1 Profiles Encouraged: Takashi Yamakawa

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Chairman, USACO Corporation

2-17-12 Higashi Azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Phone:  81+335056161  •  Fax 81+335056281

Takashi  (1) (2)Born & lived:  Born in Tokyo, live in Tokyo.

Early life:  Perfectly fine, thank you.

Family:  I and my wife Nobuko.

In my spare time I like:  Playing golf, painting, traveling, and concert and opera.

Favorite books:  Books that cover Japanese history.

Pet peeves/what makes me mad:  None.

Philosophy:  Be healthy and be thoughtful to everybody.

Most meaningful career achievement:  Executive chairman at JAIP (Japan Association of International Publications);  Council member of Aoyama Gakuin University.

Goal I hope to achieve five years from now:  To be alive until Tokyo Olympics 2020.  Also, I hope to help young people in this industry to shift from the existing book distribution industry to the new business models.

How/Where do I see the industry in five years:  I cannot predict the next five years to come.  As you know, our major customer base — libraries — are experiencing major changes.  Although, not like the U.S., no dynamic change will come to the library world in Japan;  we carefully watch their changes to better serve library communities.   One of our challenges is that due to the ever-decreasing population, our customer base will shrink while it is getting difficult to find and train young people with skills needed by ever-demanding customers’ needs.  However, as the average age of USACO employees is 32, I believe USACO can adapt to the change and with those young people, lead the STM information service industry.


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