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katinaBy Katina Strauch

Pubrarianship (the word) does not seem to be on the Internet or in Wikipedia, at least not that I could locate, but the word is discussed in the Dec/Jan issue of ATG which you should have received a few weeks ago. The term, used by Charles Watkinson in his article in the Dec/Jan issue “Three challenges of pubrarianship” apparently originated with John Unsworth (Vice Provost, University Librarian, and CIO at Brandeis University). Is there a possibility of integration of librarian and publishing roles in the academic environment? The jury’s still out. Is that a good Conference theme?

Speaking of Conference themes, please send suggestions to me!! I was looking for a Bob Dylan theme and consulted with the ultimate Dylan expert – Mike Markwith! I remember that he had tapes and CDs, whatever was in vogue. And sure enough, Mike had a suggestion or two. In the meantime, we reminisced about the very first Charleston Conference in 1980 which Mike attended. What Mike remembered from that first conference is that he spoke on BH Blackwell’s OP service, but the most influential presentation was Bob Barrow’s from Arno Press on the effect of the Thor Power Tool decision on inventories, specifically the negative impact on book publishing.  Mike also remembers that everyone went to the Greek restaurant (The Old Towne) for dinner one night and Blackwell’s (Mike) bought wine for the tables. Probably about $2/bottle back then. Memories…

Noticed that the awesome Darrell W. Gunter  made reference on LinkedIn to Scott Plutchak’s panel in Charleston which was a conversation on public access and data. In this informal and interactive session, speakers affiliated with each discussed commonalities, opportunities for collaboration, and the desirability of bringing all stakeholders in the scholarly communication community together to develop systems that can address the common interests of the general public and all those concerned about the advancement of scholarship. The speakers in this “unscripted facilitated conversation were Laurie Goodman (GigaScience), Howard Ratner (CHORUS), Greg Tananbaum (ScholarNext), John Vaughn (Association of American Universities, and Scott Plutchak. If you take just one thing from the session, says Darrell, Promote ORCID.

The Feb issue of the print ATG is in press and should be out shortly. I am excited to announce that though we lost Tony Ferguson as our Back Talker, Ann Okerson and Jim O’Donnell (newly minted Dean of Libraries at Arizona State University) will alternate on writing Back Talk for 2015! Coming up!




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