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katinaBy Katina Strauch

ALA Midwinter is going on as I write. I wasn’t able to go but several ATG-ers as well as Charleston Conferencers are present – Beth Bernhardt, Tom Gilson, Lynda Kellam, and John Riley to name a few. Hope it wasn’t too snowy.  I hear that flights out of Chicago are balled up. Welcome to winter up North! We in Charleston are cold (for us) but it’s 55 degrees and sunny.

John Riley sends a link to a History of Book Selling in Chicago: Past and Present. Carlos Martinez, the author of the article is an antiquarian and rare bookseller with a by-appointment shop on Chicago’s Southwest Side (Bibliodisia Books). He is one of the original sellers on Alibris/Interloc, and a member of IOBA and the Midwest Antiquarian Booksellers Association. The Charleston Conference started back in 1980 at an Antiquarian Book Fair in Charleston and Jake Chernofsky of AB Bookman’s Weekly was our keynoter.  As we would all suspect, several famous bookstores in Chicago have gone out of business. Still, this is an intriguing look into bookselling history. I’ll  bet that Lyman Newlin and Richard Abel are smiling in the great beyond.

And Tony Horava sends a link to an article he wrote with David Durant for Portal — The Future of Reading and Academic Libraries by David M. Durant and Tony Horava. The article is up on the Portal website. Here is the abstract. “The e-book is raising fundamental questions around the dynamics and habits of reading; the role of books in the academic library; and the role of librarians in addressing new realities of reading and learning. Print and digital texts foster different styles of reading and different ways of thinking and doing research. This paper examines implications of the shift from print to digital reading and how academic libraries in particular should respond. Academic libraries should treat print and electronic books as complementary, not interchangeable, and commit themselves to maintaining hybrid collections that support the full range of learning and research styles.

Several of us attended Tony’s and David’s talk in Charleston in 2014 where they first introduce this important topic. It’s great to see them build on their Charleston Conference presentation and expand its impact!

Sad to hear that the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences in southwest Moscow went up in flames late this past Friday. Hundreds of firefighters are trying to extinguish the flames. The Institute holds 100 million documents and texts but the rare medieval Slavic texts didn’t seem to be affected.


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