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katinaBy Katina Strauch

It was great to hear from Sandy Paul Money and husband John over the holidays. They run Ocean Books  and spend six months in the UK with John’s family and their UK friends and 6 months in the US with their American friends and family. They get to sail between the two countries! Like wow cool! Sandy says it’s been an interesting year in the Princess Cruise Lines (one of their clients) which has adopted a new purchasing policy for the Libraries. It seems that Ocean Books will no longer provide the Princess with as many books as they have in the past. Time will tell how Ocean Books fares this year with its remaining clients. Sandy says it may well be the time for them to really SERIOUSLY consider retirement, whatever that really means. I know where she is coming from. What’s retirement really like? Do y’all remember that Sandy was my tireless campaign manager when I ran for President of ALA way back in another century. What an experience! And I also remember that Chris Leamy of Helen Henderson fame wore a Vote for Katina for President t-shirt. What fun and games! Speaking of Helen Henderson, the Managing Director of Information Power, she was ATG’s Star of the Week back in February.

And remembering  Sandy. She used to be Mrs. Standards and wrote a regular Standards Column for every issue of ATG. I remember the first time she came and spoke in Charleston. The title of the talk was something like ANSI+SISAC+BISAC=CHAOS. Sandy was the life of the party! She made sure we all went dancing every night (“He’s Not Here” was a bar down in the Market) and on Saturday night after the Conference was over she always talked one of her Charleston chef friends (she had many of them) into cooking dinner for those of who were still standing. How I miss Sandy as she cruises on to ports far and wide.

Have y’all been reading the posts from Joanna Ptolomey Ptolomey’s Takeaways? I was especially interested in her most recent takeaway about the cover sheet and its use by researchers in archival situations. We haven’t seen much from Joanna lately. Her husband’s company have offered him (and the family) the chance to relocate to New Zealand for a year. What a great opportunity. So Joanna has been spending some time in New Zealand looking at schools and places to live.

They are relocating in February. Stay tuned!

It was great to hear from Caroline Goldsmith who tells us that little Addie is already sleeping through most nights at 12 weeks old! Caroline says it took Addie’s brother Adam six months to reach that plateau. Caroline says that brother and sister are getting along fine at this point. We hope to see Caroline in Charleston this November. Meanwhile, she is transcribing the Adam Murray interview for our February print issue of Against the Grain.

The interview is online at

It’s the third interview following the interviews with Sheila Corrall and Cheryl LaGuardia along with more interviews to be transcribed with James West, T. Scott Plutchak, and John Rennie.

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