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katinaBy Katina Strauch

A wonderful shout out to Carol Ezell Gilson! There was an article in the sports section of last Tuesday’s Charleston Post and Courier entitled  “Rewriting history: Golf arrived in America even earlier than thought at Charleston.” The article references a painting that Carol did several years ago and gives her some well-deserved credit, saying,  “Charleston artist Carol Ezell-Gilson immortalized the early arrival of golf with a 1990 painting commissioned by Golf Expo 1990, … Ezell-Gilson‘s painting, titled “First Shipment of Golf Clubs” depicted wooden clubs in a crate arriving in Charleston Harbor. Other ships can be seen in the background, and the bill of lading is attached to the crate.” The article also has a link to a photo of the painting.

And yet another shout out to Carol and colleague Lee Ann for the magnificent tours to which they treated many of us during the 2014 Charleston Conference! Be sure and put the tours on your schedule for next year’s Charleston Conference (November 4-7) and/or the next time you or family and friends drop in to Charleston for a visit!

Leah, Tom, Beth and I were blown away by Cheryl LaGuardia’s recent post in Library Journal about the 34th Charleston Conference! Thank you for your wonderful words, Cheryl! It was a real pleasure to have Cheryl at the Charleston Conference in November and to hear her first-hand comments! Kudos to Cheryl! I especially love the title of her column – I’m not dead yet! I feel the same way, Cheryl! Ain’t it the truth?

More on the Cheryl front, Jack Montgomery and Glenda Alvin (pinch hitting for Tom Gilson) also recorded a Penthouse Interview with Cheryl during the 2014 Charleston Conference. The interviews are being edited and transcribed and will be mounted online and hopefully published shortly! It’s hard to believe that we are already looking forward to the 35th (!!) Charleston Conference November 4-7 2015. In fact our colleagues at the various hotels in Charleston (Francis Marion, Marriott Courtyard, Embassy Suites, etc.) are already telling us that they are getting requests for meeting and sleeping rooms in 2015! Who would have ever guessed?

Since we are giving shout outs, I would like to give a special one to Erin Gallagher who writes these pithy and fun Friday ATG Hot TopicsErin has her hand on the pulses of our colleagues! At the 2014 Charleston Conference, Erin and Michelle Leonard (Environmental Engineering Sciences & Natural Resources Librarian, University of Florida) presented an interactive, lively session on Saturday, Nov 8, titled “End of Conference Poll-a-palloza.”  We decided to keep the session’s poll questions open for YOU, our ATG readers to contribute opinions and gather more feedback.  Just takes a minute and gathers some worthwhile information for all of us!

It was great that Mike Shatzkin,  founder and CEO at The Idea Logical company was mentioned on Linkedin as part of the  ATG blog network. Mike is truly an amazingly creative innovator and we were honored to have him as a speaker at the 2012 Charleston Conference. Read his post I came home from the Charleston Conference with a couple of new thoughts” to get his take on the 2012 Conference.

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