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katinaBy Katina Strauch

Congratulations to Becca Brody, Digital Resources and Collection Development Librarian, Ely Library, Westfield State University in Westfield, Massachusetts. Becca has won a free registration to the 2015 Charleston Conference. She was chosen from a drawing of 2014 attendees who evaluated the Charleston Conference. “Thank you to the organizers and directors of the Charleston Conference for this opportunity. I attended the Conference for the first time this year, presenting a poster and taking advantage of the preconferences, and I’m very excited to be able to attend again this fall. I returned to my library with many new project ideas and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for next year’s Conference.”

Moving right along, Leah Hinds, Sharna Williams and I met this weekend to decompress and discuss the 34th Charleston Conference and look toward the  35th! These great talented women are the backbone of the Charleston Conference local arrangements group.  Some of the presentations from the 34th are now online. We also have posted the Penthouse Interviews on the Conference YouTube Channel and the Conference website. These are interviews with Sheila Corrall, Cheryl LaGuardia, Adam Murray, Scott Plutchak, John Rennie, and James L. W. West.  Great to watch and many thanks to our interviewers – Tom Gilson, Jack Montgomery, Audrey Powers, Glenda Alvin and our videographer, Jared Seay.

During our meeting, Leah told us an anecdote that I want to share with  y’all.  A “group of guys” which included her ten-year-old son Jacob were discussing camping out and were comparing notes on the things that were absolutely necessary to bring along on a camping trip. “My Kindle,” said one of the group. “I can look up anything on it I need – how to light a fire, etc.” “Sure,” said Jacob, “but what happens when the charge on it runs out? Matches and a pocket knife are my choices.” Whereas this is funny and cute, it also points out how plugged in we all are, especially the younger generation!  Life without a device? Is it possible”

I am not the only one to worry about our growing dependence on the Internet and virtual instead of print.  Check out Humans of New York, an Arts and Humanities website.




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