ATG Book of the Week: Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm

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Library Management 144223069XTITLE: Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm
Author: Julie Todaro
ISBN: 978-1-4422-3069-9, $95;  Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1442230156, $60; eBook: 978-1-4422-3016-3, $59.99
Imprint: Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014

This revolutionary introduction to library management is the first conceived in and written for a digital age. Julie Todaro, one of America’s leading management experts, posits a new paradigm for planning, administering, and assessing library services. She explains each facet of administering both “old” (physical) and “new” (virtual) libraries…

Each chapter concludes with an illustration of the old-to-new paradigm shift in that particular aspect of management as well as concise case studies that illustrate the real-world nature of the shift and discussion questions to facilitate active learning.

A platinum-quality editorial board comprised of both LIS faculty and expert library managers has reviewed this book in order to ensure authority.”



This book would be an excellent resource for library school students as well as a good refresher for library managers and directors. It contains useful case studies and a comparison of paradigms… — American Reference Books Annual


Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm will make experienced managers rethink the traditional role of management within new and emerging organizational structures and technology. New managers will benefit from a fresh perspective on strategic planning with a focus on efficiency, accountability and problem solving…— Edwin-Michael Cortez, Professor and Director, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee


Julie Todaro offers new insights to perennial issues through systematic thinking. Through case studies, scenarios and many examples, she illuminates the complexity of “new management” for “new librarians” transitioning to tomorrow’s leaders. Foundations for rich classroom discussion are provided together with scaffolding for deeper understanding. — Ken Haycock, Research Professor of Management and Organization & Director of Graduate Programs in Library and Information Management, University of Southern California


This is the most thorough discussion of management issues that I have read. This textbook addresses management skills and techniques needed in 21st century libraries and information centers. The strength of the manuscript is in the structure. The comparison of new and recommended management skills and methods with classic techniques and traditions is excellent. — Yvonne J. Chandler, Associate Professor and Director, Legal Information Program, University of North Texas College of Information


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