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katinaBy Katina Strauch

Got an interesting color brochure in the real mail the other day. It’s an interview with John and Marilyn Zubal which was published in MetroHealth Giving and there is even more information on the Zubalbooks website plus a link to the MetroHealth Giving interview.  Some anecdotes: As a kid, John loved Edgar Rice Burroughs and science fiction and at the age of 13 became an entrepreneur when he learned he could sell them; John’s first advertisement appeared in the fall of 1953 in Other Worlds, a digest-size science fiction magazine published by L. Ron Hubbard, John was flipping through an old history text and found a check for $70 signed in 1796 by Thomas Jefferson. I could go on and on! John and Marilyn have four kids Vicky, Michael, Jean, and Tom. Each grew up and helped with building shelves, cataloging books, sorting periodicals, packing orders, etc. After more than fifty years John and Marilyn still work in the office every day, pricing books, chatting with customers and managing the staff while daughter Jean Marie Vovos takes care of human resources, public relations and finances. Sons Michael and Tom frequently travel the country looking for the next great collection of books. Vicky, the oldest of the second Zubal generation, worked after college and graduate school on a range of marketing projects and continues to be a consultant to the firm. Zubal Books was at the 2012 Charleston Conference and I still use the Zubal-logo book bag that  I got during the Vendor Showcase! Maybe we will see them in Charleston this November!  

I know the Charleston Conference schedule is crazy — there is so much happening that needs discussion. But consider a breather. Carol Ezell-Gilson and fellow tour guide Lee Ann Bain are offering several unique walking tours of Charleston. The Post and Courier featured one of Carol’s tours last week. Beat the rush!   (We’ll be emailing everyone the full schedule of tours in a day or two.)

We have had a lot of discussion on the ATG Newschannel! It’s great. David Nelson asks  in the Multigrain Discussion: Do we need two library landing pages? David thinks not! We called it multigrain because we wanted a lot of voices to chime in! How about voicing/texting/whatevering your opinion?  Also, David will be at the Charleston Conference and you can even talk to him in person!

Speaking of encountering people in Charleston – I am happy to announce that the famous Cheryl LaGuardia who took over editing Magazines For Libraries™ from the awesome Bill Katz will be in Charleston to talk about her blog and update to Magazines for Libraries. Read our NewsChannel interview with Cheryl in the meantime.

I am happy to report just one of many articles that mention that Print is still alive and well and being used by Students et al…

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