ATG Quirkies: Vincent and Nancy: Your Friendly Library Robots

by | Oct 4, 2014 | 0 comments

The Westport Public library is definitely on the cutting edge. Next week Vincent and Nancy, “a pair of humanoid “NAO Evolution” robots will be introduced as the newest staff members. Admittedly, their jobs are a tad self-serving. The duo will team up to “teach the kind of coding and computer-programming skills” required to make them function. The idea is to offer programs and workshops teaching the software and then sponsor “programming challenges” to inspire patrons to develop new functions for Vincent and Nancy to perform.

Oh! the intrepid couple may also be called on “for “practical stuff” … such as helping patrons locate books or greeting elementary-school groups that visit the library.”

Check out When Robots Join the Library – YouTube to see Vincent and Nancy in action

(Links to ATG Quirkies  provided by John Riley of Gabriel Books)


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