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Have you registered for the Charleston Conference yet? Hurry! It will be here in less than 50 days! If you are looking for a roommate, let us know. We have a brief list of people who need roommates.

Heard from Elizabeth Lightfoot. She and her husband spent the last year working in different states before they decided to return to husband’s hometown: Miami.  Elizabeth has left Johns Hopkins University and is now at Florida International University, but still the e-resources librarian! Alas, Elizabeth will not be attending Charleston this year. It was too soon of a turnaround, with the new job and all. She is planning on 2015. Meanwhile, along with tackling her new job, Elizabeth is planning to get back to work on the Luminaries columns for ATG!

Tim Devenport is lead consultant on serials standards to ICEDIS EDItEUR for the past thirteen years. EDItEUR is the trade standards body for the global book and serials supply chains, with over 100 members in 23 countries around the world. ICEDIS (the International Committee on EDI for Serials) is EDItEUR’s special interest group for subscriptions, serials and library supply. ICEDIS provides business input for the development of subscription standards and acts as the governance body for all of EDItEUR’s standards and best practice advice in this area. ICEDIS Terms of Reference provide a constitution and framework for its activities. ICEDIS will hold a North American meeting in Charleston at the Holiday Inn Charleston Historic Downtown, 425 Meeting Street, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesday November 5th.

Tim is hoping to get some Charleston Conference walk-in participants alongside their core constituency! We will be posting more detailed information shortly on the Conference website.

And watch for Tim’s column ONIX and more: EDItEUR’s Standard in the Library Supply Chain in the November print (Charleston Conference) issue of ATG.

Oh! And Tom Gilson’s charming wife Carol Ezell Gilson (what an artist!) and colleague Lee Ann Bain, the fabulous folks at Broad Street Biz Walking Tours and Art, have put together a great selection of walking tours that will be available during the Conference.  Led by Carol and Lee Ann, the tours will offer a special, behind-the-scenes look at the historic downtown area.  Choose from Lady Lore: Fabulous Charleston Women, The Charleston Renaissance: Arts and Literature, The Grimke Sisters of Charleston, and more.

Visit http://broadstreetbiz.com/walking-tours/the-charleston-conference/ for more information and to reserve a tour today!

Noticed all the Alibaba hype! Check out the ATG news channel! Dennis Brunning gives us a brief glimpse and Nancy Herther does a more detailed look at this new player in the American Marketplace.

The European Union’s Court of Justice (EUCJ) just weighed in on the digitization of books. The case concerned a university library in Germany that wanted to digitize a book that it had purchased so as to be able to make it available electronically to its visitors. The publishing house tried to sell the library an eBook of the work, but the library refused. Because it involved the EU Copyright Directive, the case was referred by the Federal Court of Justice in Germany to the EUCJ, which has now released the decision.

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