ATG Quirkies: Move over slow food crusaders. Here comes the slow literature movement.

by | Sep 8, 2014 | 0 comments

IMG_0750According to  the website ARTslant, Katie Paterson’s 100-year artwork Future Library is back in the news.  It’s just been announced that “the first author to contribute a new work to the library will be none other than Man Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood.”  

For those of us you who are in the dark when it comes to this imaginative and visionary project, Ms. Paterson has “planted 1,000 new trees in a Norwegian forest gifted to her by the city of Oslo. In 100 years’ time, these trees will generate the paper for an anthology of books containing the works of 100 authors—many who aren’t even born yet—whose words won’t be released or read until their 2114 publication.”  

It’s a win-win-win! One for the environment; one for 100 selected authors; and one for countless future readers. 

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