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Erin GallagherBy Erin Gallagher

Those of us in academic and school libraries may be feeling fatigued as this week winds to a close, what with all the back-to-school orientation brouhaha and readying our libraries for bright, terrified young minds.  What a perfect time for Business Insider to release their top 10 most beautiful college campuses in America.  Look at all that serenity.

I love providing everyone with light reading for their weekends, so if you are inclined, check out the 2014 New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report Library Edition.  Envisioned and created by a panel of library experts, the report provides in-depth information on emerging trends, challenges, innovations, and best practices to be explored by those of us in the library world.  The hope is that these findings will inform our own endeavors to adopt new technologies, develop strategic directions, and become leaders in our communities.

Hark!  In bardish news, the Folger Shakespeare Library has provided over 80,000 images online for all to love and use, as long as we adhere to a generous Creative Commons license.  The images include hilarious satirical illustrations, photos of performances and costumes, and spectacular Shakespeare-inspired art pieces.  Score one for digital dissemination in the name of free use.  I know I will be adding some of these to my research guides.

Image from the Folger Shakespeare Library

Image from the Folger Shakespeare Library


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