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katinaBy Katina Strauch

I was devastated to learn that Anne “Angie” Sinkler Whaley Le Clercq died on Thursday, June 19. Angie was a lawyer, librarian, personal friend, colleague, and inspiration. We interviewed her when she had just come back to Charleston in v.8#2 ATG. How very sad. Angie is survived by  her husband, Fred,  three sons and six grandchildren. Memorials may be made to Friends of the Daniel Library, The Citadel, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC, 29409 or Trident United Way, 6296 Rivers Avenue, N. Charleston, SC, 29406.

Just back from a short trip to Berlin. What a sadly historic place. Saw Anthony Watkinson (UCL) who keeps getting younger and younger, Jim Hydock (Outsell) who is young, young, young and lots of celebrations for the World Cup. There was a big celebration at the Brandenburg Gate a few days after we arrived. Reportedly there were 400,000 people but apparently, they “celebrated a little too hard” because a piece of the trophy “was chipped off.” But nothing to fear, “According to ESPN, the World Cup trophy is worth more than 10 million euros. FIFA says the prize is made of 18-carat gold and the base contains two layers of semi-precious malachite. But the German team need not fret – the trophy that was damaged was just a replica because FIFA retains possession of the actual trophy.” Whew!

 Got tips of where to go in Berlin from son RaymondWalser, the gad-about Bill Hannay, and Matthew Ismail who has traveled to Berlin when he was working in Egypt. Did I tell y’all about all the awesome work that Matthew is doing? Along with his regular jobs, he has published at least six books on Amazon. Besides his Wallis Budge: Magic and Mummies inLondon and Cairo (Hardinge, 2011) (fun to read about the British Museum keeper of Antiquities), there are several others – Lord of Light, Trevelyan: A Rogue in Cairo, Eternal Murder, Ashrams Unlimited, Blues Discovery. Check them out!

Just heard from Jesse Holden who has a new job!  He’s left the University of Southern California and joined EBSCO as an Account Services Manager.  Jesse can be now be reached at

Have y’all used the app called Whatsapp? I used it to send text messages and photos from Berlin for free. Awesome! I understand that Facebook has now bought them for beaucoups…

While in Berlin I had the pleasure of meeting the charming Prof. Dr. Andreas Degkwitz, Director of the Humboldt University Library. Dr. Degkwitz will be joining us in Charleston. He is especially interested in how OCLC’s WMS is going to align with ExLibris’ ALMA. Apparently, there is confusion about our cataloging practices which would help with the development of a synchronization routine for the metadata of World-Cat and the ALMA-Data-Platform.

Speaking of the Charleston Conference, the energetic Beth Bernhardt and hard-working Leah Hinds met with Tom Gilson and yours truly  as well as the bam zowie Laura Barfield (who has worked on and off with the Conference, the Charleston Report and Against the Grain to read and to over the proposals which have been submitted for the 2014 Charleston Conference. There are 240 so far and submission is closed. BUT if you have an important or burning topic, please let us know and we will do our best to fit it in! Interesting that this year, more than ever, the theme The Importance of BeingEarnest seemed to resonate with the group!! Oh! Forgot! Beth is headed off to the Harvard LeadershipInstitute this weekend and Laura is headed to the Charleston School of Law in late August so we finished just in time! Whew!

Returning home, learned that Juliette Arnheim’s husband of over 50 years passed away from complications. Bill was in the ICU in Charleston. He was a fabulous cook and chemist. All of Julie’s family – her two sons and her daughter with her two grandchildren were in town for several weeks. Very sad. Have I ever told you how wonderful it is to have Julie as a part-time worker in Technical Services at Addlestone Library? We are gaining great experience, hearing lots of interesting stories, and even getting some work done! Julie will be a mentor during the Conference as she has been for the past three years with the hard-working Ginny Gilbert. And guess what? Nancy Gibbs has retired but she will be with us this year as a mentor as well! Hooray!

The College of Charleston campus is now a smoke-free zone. Just happened beginning of July. Was reading in Lapham’s Quarterly, one of my favorite journals, that “on July 27, 1586, Sir Walter Raleigh changed nightlife forever when he returned to England from the Virginia colony bearing a gift for the people — tobacco. Within a few short years, it seemed like everyone in the country was hooked on the stuff, much to the chagrin of the monarchy. In 1604, King James I took a stand against the new vice.”



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