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katinaBy Katina Strauch

Ain’t life grand? Especially for us publishers, vendors, and librarians! Got an email from Bob Rooney about advertising in ATG. I knew I used to know a holly jolly Bob Rooney at Taylor & Francis so I started looking around on the Internet to see if I could locate a picture before I embarrassed myself! Found plenty of pictures and Bob and Robert Rooneys, but after nothing specific, I decided to ask him if he was the genuine Bob. Guess what! He is! Bob is now Vice President, Publisher Relations at Turpin Distribution and is located US-side in New Milford, Connecticut.  Bob worked at Taylor & Francis for almost 20 years with the inimitable Keith Courtney. Bob says that Keith is retired but sends his regards! Small world! ATG had a publisher profile of Taylor & Francis in 1992 when Bob was with them. Bob wrote a Pandora’s Box in Against the Grain v.15#3 (Thoughts of coming out of the ALCTS Out of Print Discussion Group at ALA Midwinter – Not Dead Yet! Out of Stock).

Was talking to my sister-in-law the other day and she told me that she is doing genealogical research on her father’s and mother’s families. Since I am married to my sister-in-law’s brother, I was interested! Anyway, Judy (the sister) is using which is a great resource. And the other day I was very interested to see a picture of Brian Hansen, vice president of emerging businesses at Ancestry, and the on-top-of-his-game Simon Beale, senior vice president and general manager at ProQuest, announcing a new multi-year agreement. ProQuest will be distributor of both existing products, including Ancestry Library Edition, and future Ancestry products.

Right around ALA, I got an email from an old acquaintance. Pat Sabosik who was the editor and publisher of Choice 1984-1994. Pat was good friends with Nancy Messer and Cerise Oberman-Soroka, What a trip down memory lane. Speaking of memory lane, I found an article that Murray Martin (remember him?) wrote about Repositioning Information. It’s actually an interview with Pat back in 1988 about Choice and its future publishing strategy especially in the electronic arena. Pat has been so forward-thinking. She has worked at many important companies like Gartner, Thomson Learning, Factiva, and others. I especially remember an interview with Pat and John Regazzi when they were both at Elsevier getting ScienceDirect started.  I see that John retired from Elsevier in 2005 and assumed the role of Dean of the College of Information and Computer Science of Long Island University.  He now is Professor and Director of the Scholarly Communications and Information Innovation Lab at LIU. (The effervescent Judy Luther interviewed John for ATG in 1997 (v.9 issue 3, p.38-39.)  

Got side-tracked with memories! To return to the awesomely energetic Pat, as President of Elm City Consulting, LLC, she is doing market research to develop a product for academic libraries and has reconnected with ALA and the academic space after a nearly 20-year hiatus! Since I wasn’t at ALA, I didn’t get to see Pat but I hope to see her in Charleston at the Conference in November. She was planning a trek somewhere exotic right before the Conference but I hope we will see her here. In fact, Pat and her partner, Jane were recently in Charleston with their son, Davyd and his wife, and their new grandson!  While they went to a wedding, Pat and Jane baby sat and strollered that baby all over downtown Charleston. Davyd, and his wife live in Greenville, SC.

Here’s hoping there’s another visit to Charleston in their future!

After six years at LYRASIS, Nancy Harris decided to retire at the end of June 2014.  She says she is looking forward to more time to work on her photography and Christmas Light Show as well as a little travel.   LYRASIS will be replacing her position but in the meantime contact Stephanie Moreland for VA and NC and Tyger Brown for DC, KY, SC, TN at 800-999-8558 with anything you need help with.

I agree with Ladd Brown (Head of Acquisitions | Electronic Access Team, Newman Library, Virginia Tech) and many others when they say that Nancy will always be the Queen of the Christmas Lights to us!

More changes! After many years (8?) atEBSCO Ann Lawson is now Head of ingentaconnect at Publishing Technology.  Ann has been involved in market development and relationship building with libraries, funding bodies and publishers (Poking around, I noticed that Ann (Ebsco) and Julia Mortimer (Policy Press) were speakers  at  a session  The Future for Smaller Publishers at a recent ALPSP meeting. Lots of interesting tips and suggestions!)

Moving right along, Ann joins ingenta as it is launching its new and improved platform and would like to have our input.

My husband and I are heading off to Berlin tomorrow. Weekly rumors next week may be a day or so late!  In any case, it will be a great time to be in Berlin.  Germany just won the World Cup with a last minute goal in a real nail-biter against Argentina, 1-0!



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