ATG Quirkies: Doodles from Around the World

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Here is a fun post from The Telegraph in the UK.  In pictures: Pen testing doodles collected from stationery shops around world features a slideshow culled from the collection of Hiroki Terai of  Tokyo, Japan.  Mr. Terai has “visited dozens of countries to obtain the scribble-covered pieces of paper used by customers in stationery shops to test pens before buying them.”

Aside from being a great hobby, Mr. Terai sees his efforts as “an anthropological art study, having observed certain patterns among the different nationalities whose doodles have been immortalised in his collection.”

Photo by Hiroki Terai

Photo by Hiroki Terai

The Japanese even have a name for them.   They are known as tameshigaki and a selection of Mr. Terai’s tameshigaki “is currently on display in an exhibition in Kyoto” and a book showcasing his collection is in the offing.

(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books  for providing ATG’s daily quirkies.)



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