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KatinaBy Katina Strauch

Well to paraphrase liberally, there is no joy in “horseville” now that California Chrome failed in

Image (c) 2014 The New York Times Company

Image (c) 2014 The New York Times Company

his Triple Crown attempt on Saturday. We will have to wait another season for another hopeful to emerge. I remember back a few years, I think it was 2008, when I was in San Diego and was watching the Belmont with Leslie Abrams and her son. Big Brown was favored to win the Belmont but didn’t even finish because of an injury. We were sad. Leslie, as you will remember, used to work at the College of Charleston and is now Director Collection Development and Management at UCSD. Leslie has come to the last two Charleston Conferences and plans to come this year!

Speaking of the 2014 Charleston Conference (theme this year “The Importance of Being Earnest’) I was shocked to see that we had 65 registrations already and we just opened registration beginning of the week! And! We have two new events!  

  • First, on Monday November 3 (all day) and Tuesday November 5 (half day), the School of Information and Library Science of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Charleston Conference will present Introduction to Data Curation to be provided by Professors Cal Lee and Jonathan Crabtree.  Libraries and archives are increasingly responsible for curation of digital data. This workshop will be an interactive event, including a combination of lecture, discussion, and engagement with data creators. Registration is now open!
  •  The second new event — On Saturday, November 8, we will have a change of pace. Instead of the Rump Session, we will have a short seminar, “Being Earnest with Our Collections: Key Challenges and Best Practices” is scheduled for Saturday, November 8, from 12:15 – 3:00 pm and will include lunch for those who sign up in advance when registering for the Conferencefollowed by a lively discussion of major topics impacting academic libraries.  Library leaders have been invited to help craft responses to the issues that arise at the conference.

And the Saturday Seminar is free!  (Or perhaps we should say, part of your registration.)

We told you on May 19 John Riley has left Busca, Inc. John will be working with Against the Grain and The Charleston Conference. (We hope you have been noticing his Daily Quirkies on the ATG NewsChannel.)

Returning to John and Busca, we were excited to learn that Ambassador Education Solutions has hired the top-notch Michael Cooper as Business Development Manager of its Library Services Division. As we all know, Michael has more than three decades of experience in the library services industries, where he has helped libraries around the world build robust collections of the most in-demand titles.  Congratulations to both Michael and Ambassador!


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