ATG Quirkies: Large print edition of the World’s Smallest Book

by | Jun 18, 2014 | 0 comments

In case you missed it, Teeny Ted From Turnip Town published by Robert Chaplin and certified by Guinness World Records as “the smallest book ever” was reproduced in a colorful large print edition.  In another example of the power of Kickstarter, The World’s Smallest Book – a large print edition was successfully crowd-funded in December of 2012.



The entry in Wikipedia notes that “a Library Edition of the book was published with a full title of Teeny Ted from Turnip Town & the Tale of Scale: A Scientific Book of Word Puzzles and an ISBN number 978-1-894897-36-5. On the title page it is referred to as the “Large Print Edition of the World’s Smallest Book”. The book was published using funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign with contributors’ names shown on the dust jacket.”

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