v26 #2 Profiles Encouraged: Neil Blair Christensen

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photo_neil_christensenDirector, Digital Business Development
University of California Press
155 Grand Avenue, Suite 400, Oakland, CA  94612-3758
Phone:  (510) 883-8301  •  <nchristensen@ucpress.edu>

BORN AND LIVED:  Born in Ittoqqortoormiit (Greenland).  Lived in Uunarteq, Dundas, Nanortalik (Greenland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Aberdeen, London (UK), New York, San Francisco (USA), and Tokyo (Japan).

PROFESSIONAL CAREER AND ACTIVITIES:  My work over the past 13 years includes roles in Europe, Asia, and the USA with Munksgaard, Blackwell, Nature Publishing Group, and Wiley.  During this period, I worked in a range of areas, from digital business development, partnerships, health sciences, and journals to workflow solutions.

FAMILY:  My fantastic wife, our dog, and our families scattered across the map.

IN MY SPARE TIME:  I enjoy hanging out in San Francisco and its fantastic surroundings with family and friends.  To counterbalance my digital focus, I produce physical products in my spare time: http://www.christensenbags.com.

FAVORITE BOOKSEndurance, Mars Trilogy.

PET PEEVES:  I don’t like wasting time.

PHILOSOPHY:  Keep it simple and adapt to change.

MOST MEMORABLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENT:  Signing my first society journal from a competing publisher.

GOAL I HOPE TO ACHIEVE FIVE YEARS FROM NOW:  As always, looking back with satisfaction.

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