ATG Quirkies: The 50 Coolest Book Covers

by | May 15, 2014 | 0 comments

A friend and I were chatting a couple of days ago and saying that some of the most compelling visuals can be found 200px-Cover_(Hound_of_Baskervilles,_1902)on book covers.  After seeing their recent post The 50 Coolest Book Covers  it’s obvious the folks at agree.  They also smartly observe that “a book cover is a crucial element of the reading experience.  It’s the first thing you see, and a great cover can draw you in and persuade you to start that journey of discovery, page by page. We’ve picked 50 of the coolest for you to enjoy: some are iconic; some are clever; some are beautiful; some are scary and many have transcended their original home to become as famous as the book itself.  All are very cool.”

We totally agree!

(ATG Quirkies brought to you by John Riley of Gabriel Books)



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