ATG Quirkies: The 2014 World Cup of Literature

by | May 22, 2014 | 0 comments

trophy - cph.osu.eduThe Three Percent website is proudly hosting the 2014 World Cup of Literature.  It’s the brain child of Chad W. Post the publisher of Open Letter Books and editor of the Three Percent website in Rochester, NY.  It pits “all of the World Cup qualifying countries against one another in a battle for world literature supremacy. (At least until the next World Cup.)”

According to Chad the competition “will be a 32-book knock-out tournament that will run around the same time as the actual World Cup of Football Soccering…  Each “match” will pit two books against one another and will be judged by one of our fifteen illustrious judges.  (If you’re illustrious and a judge, let me know. We need a few more good readers.) They’ll assign a soccer-like score and one of the two books will move on. (No draws! Because we are America and America is about winning and teams that don’t win as the winning team.)”

To get the full low-down, check out 2014 World Cup of Literature: The Details

(Thanks to John Riley of Gabriel Books  for suggesting ATG’s daily quirkies.)

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