Caught My Eye: “Assuming the Risk for Your Own eBook”

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“Assuming the Risk for Your Own eBook” is an great place to start for anyone considering the challenge of DCL-logo.png - www.prlog.orgself-publishing.  Authored by Bowker’s Laura Dawson and Linda Cassola of Data Conversion Laboratory, with additional commentary by Sandra Poirier-Diaz, Smith Publicity, this white paper offers practical advice to perspective authors on the nuts and bolts of both production and marketing in the digital space. In fact, it covers aspects of the publishing process that aspiring authors, both print and ebook, need to know about.

The paper starts by breaking down the publishing workflow into five distinct steps including editorial, design, conversion, marketing and publicity and distribution and sales.  Each step is explained thoroughly with relevant facts as well as professional advice on essential topics. Do you need a developmental editor?  What about copy editing and proofreading? Who will fact check and handle legal issues? How do you ensure your book has a professional look and compelling design? How will you convert your files into a viable ebook format? What is the difference between marketing and publicity? What role does metadata play? Are there ways to enlist the local media in getting the word out? How do you line up distribution and get your ebook on to the screens of potential readers? These are just a few of the questions raised and discussed.

Bowker_Logo - www.niso.orgInformed by experience and offering real world advice,  “Assuming the Risk for Your Own eBook”  clearly explains both the issues and options facing future ebook authors.  It is a quick way to get a lay of the land and have some key questions answered by experts in the field.   So if publishing an ebook is in your future, do yourself a favor and check it out.





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