ATG: “I Wonder” Wednesday: Some results from the How Millennial Are You Quiz?

by | Apr 30, 2014 | 0 comments

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to take the Pew “How Millennial are You” Quiz  and report back toPew millennials quiz - us. We’ve got some results!

So far the majority of responders are baby boomers with a spattering of Gen Xers.  The average age of our quiz takers is 54 and we have a range of ages extending from 38 to 65 years. 

Although the majority of our responders are baby boomers the average score is 53 which places our responders as a group firmly in the middle of the GenXer scoring range of 33 to 73.   Our high score is 81 and the low score is 35.

For those of you yet to take the How Millennial are You Quiz, we’re delighted to report that it is still up and accessible.  So feel free to click on the link above and take the quiz and let us know how you did by emailing us at:  We’ll be sure to add your results to our tally.

(FYI: The scoring ranges for the quiz are as follows: Baby Boomer (b. 1946-1964) score: 11-33; Gen Xer (b. 1965-1980) score: 33 – 73 and Millennial (b. 1981+) score 74-100. )

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