<span class="padlock_text"></span> v26 #1 The Against the Grain Taking Stock – Annual Report Issue

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Guest Editors:  Tom Gilson  (Associate Editor, Against the Grain

and Katina Strauch  (Editor, Against the Grain)

This issue is about the changes that are happening all around us.  Our first article by Nancy K. Herther is entitled, “University Presses Facing ‘Enormous Tectonic Shift’ in Publishing.”  Are university presses and university libraries at a very basic point of departure?  Can university presses remain true to their vision while partnering with libraries?  Should they be partnering with libraries?

Our second article “Information Management Trends and Benchmarks 2013” is a brief but fascinating look at Information Management Trends and Benchmarks across corporate, governmental agencies, academic and healthcare institutions.  After the recession, this report takes stock of past and future trends and impacts.

For our next two feature articles in this issue, we are publishing edited versions of two of the 2013 Charleston Conference Interviews from the Penthouse Suite.  As many of you know, these interviews are part of a series of original video interviews conducted by several Against the Grain and Charleston Conference stalwarts before, during, and after the main conference itself.  (The 2013 Interviews in their entirety will be posted on the Charleston Conference Website.  Stay tuned to the ATG NewsChannel for further developments!)

Our first interview is with Jim O’Donnell, Former Provost, Georgetown University and was conducted by Tom Gilson and Albert JoyDr. O’Donnell has several provocative comments to make about libraries and librarians.  Wearing his “provost hat,” Jim brings a campus-wide perspective to the concerns we share with observations that are insightful and informed.

Our second Penthouse interview is with Kari Paulson, VP, General Manager, eBooks at ProQuestKari brings us up-to-date on ProQuest’s acquisition of EBL and the progress of EBL’s merger with ebrary.  She discusses her role as a key player in the initial discussions as well as the current transition, and then gives us her take on what we can expect in the future from eBooks at ProQuest.

As we look back over 2013, we have much to contemplate about our future as librarians, publishers, and vendors.  Admittedly, we are confronted by multiple challenges and accelerating change.  However, there are also tremendous opportunities to innovate, re-energize, and play the essential roles in information management and delivery that our patrons and customers have come to rely on.  For our part, we here at ATG are looking forward to keeping the discussion focused on the most relevant issues and reporting on all the late breaking news.

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