Rumors from the ATG NewsChannel 3/3/14

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photo_katina_strauchBy Katina Strauch

While all of you were heading to your Oscar’s parties, I am here slaving over Rumors for this week. Boo hiss! I wonder which will win “best picture”?

The Addlestone Library at the College of Charleston is beginning a huge renovation project that will take place over the entire summer. We are partnering with the SC Historical Society and many of their records will be in our catalog and in our Special Collections. We are also adding additional student seating. During the renovation, the entire second and third floors will be closed for at least four months. Technical Services is more than a little stressed since we are on the second floor and EVERYONE in my department has to move somewhere on the first floor. This is in the middle of the end of the budget year, exams and faculty ordering, etc., etc.  OUCH!!!! As you might imagine, genealogy is a big area of interest to the SCHS types.  Just learned that OCLC and FamilySearch International are working together to share data between WorldCat and the FamilySearch Catalog to provide more resources for improved genealogy research. More than 1 million FamilySearch genealogical records are now discoverable in WorldCat, the world’s largest database of records representing resources in libraries worldwide. Links to WorldCat are now available on  Several people wit FamilySearch connections  have come to the Charleston Conference. We are learning more and more about genealogy!

The February issue of Against the Grain is at the printer. Late. Our excuse is snow and ice  which have greatly delayed us. But, stay tuned, you should be getting the Feb issue soon! And one of our new online and print columnists is Joanna Ptolomey who is a freelance information professional in Glasgow, Scotland. She has had quite an interesting career! Plus she is a concert flautist. See her profile at ATG Star of the Week: Joanna Ptolomey.


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