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by Erin Gallagher

Another month winds down and summer seems close enough to touch.  It seems like I blinked my eyes and March was over.  Is anyone planning any fun April Fools’ Day shenanigans?  Let us take a look at what’s been heating up this week.

Listservs are abuzz with the release of two publications conducted by the National Information Standard Organization (NISO):  the Annual Year in Review issue of Information Standards Quarterly, and the draft of the recommended practices for Demand-Driven Acquisition of Monographs.  Both are available via open access to public reading, and the recommended practices for DDA draft is open to public comments until April 24th.  As the methods and procedures in place for all aspects of information acquisition and management evolve and transition at a cosmic rate, the need for standards and best practices (informed by librarians, publishers, and vendors) becomes increasingly important. 

Anyone familiar with Richard Poynder’s series of interviews entitled The State of Open Access may be interested to see him put his money where his mouth is by answering his own interview questions.  The full 28-page interview can be found here, but you can also access the main points on Open and Shut?, his blog.  Richard’s pragmatic predictions may not be shared by everyone, but this is a worthy read for those looking for a frank, well-rounded perspective on a hot topic.

Is anyone else’s library gearing up for an edible books contests or festivals?  I admit I did not know these delightful pursuits existed until my own library started buzzing about our upcoming contest, but I have now spent way too many hours poring over images online.  Food and books equals Internet fixation.  From what I’ve seen, the culinary/literary creations range from sparse and witty to extreme expert level.  I have so many ideas knocking around my brain for my own submission.  I would love hear what others plan to do at their libraries.

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