@Brunning Web Edition for the Last Day of March 2014

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Dennis BrunningBy Dennis Brunning

Fuze Workstation (computer games and learning)

If you remember Fuse Boxes or still have one in your home, you are either old or out of code or both. Fuse boxes resided in basements and all home wiring punched in there and fuses protected the circuits from overloads.

The Fuze Workstation channels this era. It is a circuit box, with circuit boards and a keyboard.  Through interchangeable boards and connectors, you don’t make you learn about computers and computing by creating circuits. In look, feel, and purpose it recalls Popular Mechanics, Heathkits, and Radio Shack.

It’s an erector set but instead of cranes you build elementary tasks for hardware and software. It would have been great for any librarian who pondered PASCAL and wondered what it was all about.

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Olloclip Telephoto and Polarizing Lens (smartphone photography)

A colleague and friend of mine, our videographer explained why his photos eclipsed mine in quality, artistry, and yumminess: glass. The better the lens, the better the photo. A 40 megapixel sensor, that light sensitive device that turns picture into binary information, will not improve that picture if poorly focused through mundane lenses.

This lens from Olloclip compliments your iPhone or droid camera lens. The telephoto feature gives you different angles on your object–from close to wide angle. The polarizing feature filters light to stabilize all of the errant refracting light beams bestowing your selfies especially in bright or odd light a vivid clarity and enriched colors. About $84.00 at Amazon. You are Cartier-Bresson without trying…

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Cookoo Watch (wearable technology)

Wearable technology, 2014, means watches that tell time as well as manage your smartphone and your body. Cookoo Watch does some of this, alerting you to calls, Facebook and Twitter updates, that stuff. It does so, though, in great analog style. While most smart watches look like a NASA Space Center Command Station, Cookoo, in fine Grandma fashion, has hands that travel a circle, whose position “tells” time. It’s nice to know that how we told time remains how we tell time in the era of the internet of things. Prices start at $110.00 at Amazon…

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