Erin's libguides picBy Erin Gallagher

It’s the first of March and the weekend is upon us!  Here in Central Florida we are moving from our season of Slightly Less Hot to the usual Summer Inferno.  Let us check out what’s heating up elsewhere.

We tend to read and hear a lot about open access initiatives involving e-journals, but much less about projects providing open access to scholarly monographs.  LYRASIS announced this week that they exceeded the amount of pledges needed to unlatch the Pilot Collection of the Knowledge Unlatched (KU) initiative.  The 28 intriguing scholarly monographs in the Pilot Collection can be found here.  Congrats and kudos to the charter libraries and organizations who pledged to make this initial collection open and accessible! 

The recent buzz surrounding the publication of over 100 nonsensical conference proceeding papers in Springer and IEEE from 2008 to 2013 has intensified interest in other scholarly hoaxes perpetrated over the years.  Read about some of them in Rick Anderson’s post in Scholarly Kitchen.  Apparently it’s not so difficult to hoodwink the peer review process, which begs the question, would we (the editorial “we”) be able to recognize inaccuracies and outright gibberish in our own areas of research and publication?

Academic libraries are all about innovation, but this was new to me.  Three students at Arizona State University plan to retrofit food trucks to provide mobile library services to the larger Phoenix community.  If only they could figure out a way to keep the food element…I would stand in line for crepes and books any day.  


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