ATG Article of the Week: Buying by the bucketful: a comparative study of e-book acquisition strategies

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Buying by the bucketful: a comparative study of e-book acquisition strategies

Written by Terry Bucknell, currently Product Sales Manager at Digital Science, this article is a “revised and expanded version of a presentation originally given at the 34th UKSG Conference, Harrogate, April 2011” when he was Electronic Resources Manager at the University of Liverpool library.  The article appears in Insights – 25(1), March 2012 and offers a highly detailed and thorough analysis on the  benefits of collection based ebook package purchases including the Evidence-based Selection model while at the same time providing a discussion of the pros and cons of PDA/DDA approaches.

As the abstract notes “This article describes UoL’s experiences of evaluating the use and value of such packages, and considers whether alternative purchasing strategies – single-title selection (also known as ‘firm orders’), patron-driven acquisition (PDA) or evidence-based selection (EBS) – might offer a more cost-effective way to meet users’ needs. The discussion is informed by evidence from the University of Liverpool COUNTER usage statistics and includes modelling of the costs that might result from observed usage patterns if a PDA purchasing model were applied. Criteria for evaluating the success of e-book packages are discussed, including a consideration of how value for money can be calculated for different e-book purchasing models. An outline is provided of the implications for managing acquisitions budgets when e-book collections form part of the acquisitions strategy.”

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