ATG Star of the Week: Rogier Van Erkel, Global Rights Manager, Elsevier Science and Technology & Health Sciences

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Picture Rogier van Erkel - ElsevierName: Rogier Van Erkel
Title: Global Rights Manager
Organization: Elsevier Science and Technology & Health Sciences

Born and Lived: Born in Middelburg in the South-West of the Netherlands and lived in many different places in the Netherlands and in London. Since 2001 I’ve mostly lived in Amsterdam.

Professional Career and Activities: Having started in the liquor business with Deageo I quickly changed to the Waste Management industry. Not the one like in the Sopranos, but the other stinky & dirty one.  Great industry to work in for a period of 5 years, with wonderful results for society & environment. From that perspective not a big change to the Publishing industry 7 years ago 🙂 . Having started as an account manager for the UK & Irish universities I changed to Copyright and Transactional content sales 3 years ago. Global role in which I can work with loads of great people all over the world to develop & sell a variety of new products & solutions to help/ allow our customers to make use of new technologies.

Family: Just my girlfriend and myself, no children yet. We need to travel the world more first.

In My Spare Time: Enjoying a large variety of sports, mostly 5 days a week like: field hockey, cycling, running and fitness. A couple of times a year skiing, diving, hiking and country skiing. Other hobbies are going to (techno) festivals, reading and drinking with girlfriend and our friends.

Favorite Books: “The Rider” from Tim KrabbĂ© about cycling and persistence, “The 7 habits of highly effective people” from Stephen Covey and all books from Maarten ‘t Hart about biology, self-confidence and the effect of religion on people’s lives.

Pet Peeves: I can be very impatient, but I’ve worked on this and maybe age has helped me a little bit 🙂

Philosophy: Staying close to myself, similar to what “Mindfullness” is all about. Covering an awful lot of things like taking care of my body and soul, keeping myself responsible to see as much as possible from other people, the effect of my behavior, etc.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Combination of move from Waste Management to Publishing and becoming Elsevier Global Account Manager of the year in 2 years’ time.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: Work & live in New York managing a global operating team.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: I continue to see a role for Science Publishers as intermediaries adding value to work of authors and institutions in the world. The portfolio of added value will continue to develop. It will broaden, it will deepen, always improving insights, making processes more efficient, improving quality and harmonizing the different needs of all kinds of users in the world. Herewith the role of publishers will continue to be one of high value as a linchpin in research, development, education and business management.


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