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New research reveals unexpected positive outlook for the printed book; ALA seeks nominations for 2014 James Madison awards;  AAP welcomes new US government report; Transferable peer review pilot launched for Wiley neuroscience journals; Librarians in the Digital Age: INFOGRAPHIC; Informa acquires Elsevier Business Intelligence; Exclusive survey results: all about self-publishing;

book-marketing - New Research Reveals Unexpected Positive Outlook for the Printed Book, Due to Love of the Medium

Digital Journal reports that “Ricoh Americas Corporation (Ricoh) today announced the findings of its commissioned IT Strategies books study, performed in conjunction with the University of Colorado. Among the key findings of the study: that eBooks’ mindshare is overshadowed by popular press headlines rather than factual data, and that most consumers do not see themselves giving up printed books, due to the benefits the physical form offers.

The most surprising results of the study entitled “The Evolution of the Book Industry: Implications for U.S. Book Manufacturers and Printers” include:

Nearly 70 percent of consumers feel it is unlikely that they will give up on printed books by 2016. Consumers have an emotional and visceral/sensory attachment to printed books… Despite their perceived popularity, 60% of eBooks downloaded are never read in the US. Since 2012, the growth of eBooks has slowed significantly as dedicated eReader sales are declining, and tablet PC devices are increasingly becoming utilized for other forms of entertainment…

“The American Library Association’s (ALA) Washington Office is calling for nominations for two awards to honor individuals or groups who have championed, protected and promoted public access to government information and the public’s right to know…”

Book Business reports that “the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) in the Department of CoAAP logo - www.publishers.orgmmerce and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) released Preliminary Report on the Impact of Arts and Culture on the US EconomyOpens in a new window, its first study analyzing the arts and cultural sectors’ contributions to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment.  The US book industry – including publishers, booksellers and the network of creative and technological professionals working in publishing – was among the sectors examined along with film, television, radio, newspapers and periodicals, performing arts, design and advertising…”

John Wiley  & Sons, Inc., today announced the trial of an enhanced system of peer reviewOpens in a new window, which will allow for the transfer of reviewer comments between journals. Peer review is an integral part of scientific publishing and the new pilot is being trialled in selected neuroscience journals.

“Peer review is an essential cornerstone for scientific publishing, where rigorous scrutiny results in high quality research,” said Philip Carpenter, Vice President and Managing Director, Research Communications, Wiley. “As an example of the best traditional practices evolving to fit the needs of 21st century researchers, we believe this enhanced system will save authors, reviewers and editors valuable time and significantly increase the publication speed of many papers.”

GalleyCat reports that “the University of Southern California has created an infographic called, “Librarians in the Digital Age,” which explores how digital technology is changing libraries.

According to the graphic, 67.4 percent of libraries in 2011 offered eBooks. There are 18.5 million eBooks in circulation, 3x the number available in 2003. (The entire graphic is embedded in the article.)

ELSEVIER Informa Acquires Elsevier Business Intelligence

According to Information Today, “the latest movement on the merry-go-round of information industry mergers and acquisitions is the purchase by Informa Group PLC of the Elsevier Business Intelligence (EBI) unit. Customers were notified individually at the end of November, but no formal announcement has yet occurred and EBI’s URL remains An Elsevier Business Intelligence spokesperson speculated that the unit would be renamed Informa Business Intelligence at the beginning of January 2014 but could not absolutely confirm this. He did say that all the publications and staff were transferring from Elsevier to Informa at the beginning of 2014…”

According to Digital Book World “DBW and WD have partnered with Dana Beth Weinberg, a professor of sociology at Queens College in New York, to take a deeper look at authors and what they want – the goal being to help publishers, self-publishing services providers and the authors themselves better navigate the changing business of publishing.

Over 9,000 authors participated in the survey and the results are nothing short of astounding. Here are some of the early findings, with deep analysis from Weinberg:

Top Priorities in Publishing Books (Not What You Think)
How Much Do Writers Write
How Much Money Do Authors Make – Aspiring, Published, Self-Published and Hybrid

More results will be presented by Weinberg at Digital Book World 2014…”

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