ATG Star of the Week: Lee Greenhouse, President, Greenhouse Associates, Inc.

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lee2012Name: Lee Greenhouse
Title: President
Organization: Greenhouse Associates, Inc.

Born and Lived: Born in New York and spent most of my adult there. Have lived in Chicago for the past 11 years.

Professional Career and Activities: For the past 20+ years, my firm, Greenhouse Associates, has been providing research and strategic consulting services to publishers and information companies across the business, professional, scientific, technical, medical, and academic arenas.  We help clients assess new markets, develop new products, understand evolving customer needs, assess competition, and improve their sales & marketing effectiveness.

Family: Yes!  I’ve got a great wife and two grown sons, living in London and Buenos Aires.

In My Spare Time: Stay active in local and national politics, study Spanish, bake bread, bicycle in and around Chicago, serve on non-profit boards, run my condo association, binge on Netflix.

Favorite Books: Moby Dick and Goodnight Moon

Pet Peeves: Actually I love pets (!)  I have no peeves with them.  Actually, people who talk in the movies really do annoy me.

Philosophy: Be nice to other people, especially if they have a big dog.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Developing and launching Wall Street’s first online brokerage service.

Goal I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: To fly fish without getting annoyed when the fish get away.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: Technology will continue to drive new capabilities, services, business models, competition — and user expectations.  Today’s ubiquitous technology will become “thoughtless” — meaning that we won’t think about or realize when we are using it.  The industry will be as dynamic — and probably more so — than it is today because of the increasing interconnections between traditional information and the physical world.

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