Rumors from the ATG NewsChannel – 11/18/13

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by Katina Strauch

pic2The Wedding is over and so is the 2013 Charleston Conference! What is it? Post wedding or post conference depression? It was fabulous to see all of y’all! The weather was colder than I would have liked but at least it didn’t rain too much! And I had to laugh at a comment a woman on the elevator made a few days before the Conference – “The weather person is the only person who can be wrong 50% of the time and still keep a job!” Ain’t it the truth? And sorry that I missed Rumors last week! : (

BTW, the final numbers for attendance at the 2013 Charleston Conference were 1629 – 300 more than last year!

And it has been suggested that we consider moving the Charleston Conference to a Tuesday-Friday instead of Wednesday-Saturday. We will be sending out a survey shortly to see what the group thinks! Meanwhile, be sure and fill out your online evaluation of the Conference.  We want to hear from you, you, and you!

 The World Endourological Society just had a meeting in New Orleans (to those interested, endourology has something to do with the urinary tract and surgical procedures).  Anyway, the World Endourological Society meeting was attended by 900 physicians and scientists.  Why am I bringing this up? Our long-time colleague and friend, Mary Ann Liebert was presented with a beautiful crystal award at the end of the event. MAL publishes the Journal of Endourology. The event was held at Mardi Gras World, a facility that builds and maintains all the floats for Mardi Gras.  Mary Ann was made Queen with a tiara and all that. There were two police escorts and a 60 piece marching band escorting her float. Way cool! Here is the video

 Was sad to learn that visionary publisher and founder of Libraries Unlimited, Dr. Bohdan Stephan Wynar, passed away on November 9th in Aurora, Colorado. Born in Lviv, Ukraine on September 7th, 1926, eventually bringing his family to the U.S., and continuing his education. Wynar earned  a Master’s in Library Science in 1958, at University of Denver (DU). He served as Head of Technical Services of University of Denver Libraries from 1958-1962; and as Associate Professor, Graduate School of Librarianship at DU from 1963-1966. From 1966-1969 he was Dean, School of Library Science, SUNY, Geneseo, New York.  During his teaching career, he witnessed first-hand the need for quality resources, guides, and textbooks to help further library professional development and support teaching.  The success of the university press’ publication of his book Introduction to Cataloging and Classification (now in its 10th edition) was so overwhelming that in 1964, Wynar started his own publishing company under the name of Libraries Unlimited. Wynar made significant contributions to librarianship throughout his career. He authored and co-authored many books in Library Science, Wynar co-edited the Dictionary of American Library Biography (DALB), and he created and served as editor-in-chief of the critically acclaimed and trusted guide to reference works, American Reference Books Annual (ARBA), now entering its forty-fourth year of publication.  In 1977, he received the Isadore Gilbert Mudge  Award for his distinguished contributions to reference librarianship. He remained president of his publishing company until the age of 72, when it became part of the Greenwood Publishing Group.  

We all heard that after an eight-year-long legal battle, Judge Denny Chin ruled that Google’s scanning of millions of books falls under fair use and doesn’t infringe the copyrights of the books’ authors.  Our singing lawyer, Bill Hannay, who is recovering admirably from heart bypass surgery and who needs something to do, promises to write about the ruling in a future issue of ATG. BTW, the ruling will most likely be appealed.

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