Rumors from the ATG News Channel 11/25/13

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pic2by Katina Strauch

The Handbook of Journal Publishing was recently published by Cambridge University Press (paperback ISBN-13: 978-1107653603). The authors are all well-known to us — Sally Morris, Ed Barnas, Douglas LaFrenier and Margaret Reich. As Myer Kutz states in the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Bulletin:  “It would be an extremely difficult task to assemble a better qualified author team … [with] well over a combined 100 years of experience at numerous noteworthy publishers, both commercial and not-for-profit.” Did you run into Doug at the 2013 Charleston Conference? He looked great! Myer was not in Charleston but he was with us in spirit since he has an article in the November issue of ATG about the art of editing engineering handbooks. (p. 74-76).  

Speaking of the November issue of ATG, it was distributed to all attendees at the Charleston Conference, and it was also sent to subscribers. Talk about a double-whammy! The picture on the front cover is the daughter (Kayla) of an old employee of mine, Miriam Farhoumand Long, who has moved to Germany to be with her family. Her husband is a web designer which means he can work from anywhere. Some people have all the luck!  

Continuing with the November issue on integrating video into the academy – guest edited by the versatile Stephen Rhind-Tutt, has many great articles. But my very favorite one is the Biz of Acq column edited by the wonderful Michelle Flinchbaugh. The article is by Beth E. Jacoby who is at York College of Pennsylvania (where Susan Campbell, one of our long-time mentors, now retired, used to work). Titled “Student attitudes toward academic eBooks”, it is loaded with charts and information and is basically about undergraduates!  (p.62-67) The online PDF should be up this week.  

Speaking of students and eBooks, over the past several weeks, we at the College of Charleston have been interviewing for a new library dean. There have been several opportunities for students to meet with the candidates. I was interested to hear the comments of the students who attended the meetings. Several of the young ones said that they loved print books and that they wanted both print and online access. Heard that before? One student talked about writing papers and how he wanted all the books he was using spread out in front of him for easy reference. He also said that he thought there was a new app  (or was  it a tablet) in the works which will allow students to do just that – have several screens open at once for easy reference. Seems like it would have to be a big screen but … hmmm… coming soon?

Thanksgiving is coming up right with Hanukkah. Thanksgivukkah.  Some rare occurrence that won’t happen for another is it 77,000 years? I can’t wait to have some turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce and maybe some sweet potato latkes for good measure.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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