ATG Book of the Week: Science Editors’ Handbook, 2nd edition

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Science Editors Handbook - Science Editors’ Handbook, 2nd edition
Editors:  Pippa Smart , Herve Maisonneuve , and Arjan Polderman
Paperback: 978-0905988115, £24.99 + postage and packing.  See below*
Imprint: EASE, European Association of Science Editors, 2013


The EASE Science Editors’ Handbook is an invaluable resource for anyone working in the field of editing either in print, or digitally.  It covers a wide range of subjects, including all aspects of copy editing and running a journal. It provides examples of good practice, plus hints and tips that can help to solve problems and support good decisions.

In September 2013, EASE published the Second Edition. This features 56 chapters written by 40 international authors with experience in all areas of science editing and publishing.  Of the 56 chapters, 23 are completely new and all the others have been extensively revised and updated.

The Handbook is divided into the following six sections:

  • Editing: provides guidelines on copy-editing, working with tables and graphics, setting out lists, and standards for using numerals, symbols, references and indexing.
  • Nomenclature and terminology: features guidelines for non-specialists including anatomical, bacteriological, mineralogy, algae and plants, and biological and chemical nomenclature.
  • Policies and processes: covers the organisational issues that editors and publishers need to consider, from how to establish a new journal to how to establish effective working practices for processing manuscripts. It also covers the creation of policies to ensure ethical and efficient editorial systems, and how to ensure the journal provides sufficient guidance and support for authors.
  • Peer review: addresses an essential part of scientific publishing, looking at good practice and providing guidelines on managing peer review systems and developing suitable systems to meet the expectations of authors and readers.
  • Ethics: reviews one of the hot topics of publishing, and provides good practice guidelines for dealing with ethical problems.
  • Publishing and promoting: looks at the publishing issues that editors as well as their publishers need to consider. It explains developments such as DOIs and open access publishing, and provides guidance on legal issues and publishing different types of content in suitable formats and with effective presentation.
*Orders may be placed via the web shop: delivery may take up to two weeks.  The cost is £24.99 + postage and packing.  Postage (air freight) and packing for a single copy will be charged at £5.00 for orders within the UK, £10.65 for orders within Europe and £15.00 for the rest of the world.  (Surface mail will cost less but take much longer – ask the secretary for details  Please also ask the secretary for details of postage on more than one copy.

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