Rumors: Updates from the ATG News Channel 10/7/13

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By Katina Strauch

pic2Can’t believe that summer is over. And where did September go? Meantime, we are all enjoying October. Was having he rare experience of looking at Facebook the other day and saw that the fantastic Marydee Ojala was celebrating Oktoberfest along with several others. You probably already know that Oktoberfest spreads over 16 days. So there’s plenty of time to enjoy it! Marydee works at Information Today. I was looking at one of the recent print issues (September 2013, v.30#8, p.14). Marydee has an article – Law Libraries Rethink Their Value – which is a report on the 106th annual conference of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).  

BTW, doubt that y’all have heard that the Charleston School of Law might be sold to The InfiLaw System, a consortium that includes an independent network of ABA-approved law schools and companies that provide management solutions, new educational programs, and pioneering, technology-driven course delivery to law schools and higher education institutions nationally and internationally. It has the Charleston community all abuzz.  

Noticed on Marydee’s Facebook page that Paula Hane likes Information Today. As you know, Paula is writing for the ATG News Channel these days! Did you see her article — Sharing Research Data—New figshare for Institutions. The figshare platform enables researchers to make their figures, datasets, images, and videos publicly available, providing the researcher with a “citable, searchable, and discoverable endpoint”—all for free, Paula tells us.

Received a book the other day which contains all of Sanford Berman’s columns from The Unabashed Librarian, 2000-2013. Stimulating reading. Not in MyLibrary by Sanford Berman, forward by Maurice J. Freedman (McFarland, 2013).

Just this minute got an email from the astute Bernie Reilly, President of the Center for Research  Libraries. He was telling me that CRL now has a new platform eDesiderata for tracking the status of e-resources under consideration for member licensing. eDesiderata offers a place for sharing information and opinions about e-resources, including content, quality, and terms of purchase or subscription. Through a secure, universal login, CRL members can access reviews of an extensive array of scholarly e-resources, searchable by publisher or distributor, subjects, and licensing status, and learn the status of publisher offers and member levels of interest. We encourage you to explore the new platform and let us know how we can further improve eDesiderata.

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