Rumors: Updates From the ATG News Channel 10/14/13

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pic2by Katina Strauch

Had a stimulating meeting last week with the J.D.-trained Melissa Thomas the Director of the College of Charleston’s Center for Student Learning which is housed on the first floor of the Addlestone Library. Melissa is the President of College Reading & Learning Association which publishes the Journal of College Reading and Learning. Unfortunately, CRLA’s annual meeting corresponds with this year’s Charleston Conference or Melissa said she would love to be with us. These professionals are interested in many of the same things that we librarians are interested in – literacy, preparation for college work, reading habits of undergraduates. We need to encourage this group to come to Charleston so we can compare experiences and visions! 

Speaking of college work, are y’all paying attention to the ATG News Channel? Abby Clobridge wrote a very thorough article on MOOCs and Libraries.  Among many other things Abby mentions Kevin Smith (who will be in Charleston) and who has set up a library-based copyright and permissions service for MOOCs. Kevin will be speaking at the Hot Legal issues preconference and Meg White will be running a panel during the main conference — “If the University is in the Computer, Where Does that Leave the Library”.  The innovative Lynn Sutton, Dean of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University will doubtless be talking about ZSRx, a series of MOOC-style lifelong learning courses for the Wake Forest community.

Speaking of which, it is challenging having both a print and online ATG which are basically two different publications. Thank heavens for Tom Gilson and Leah Hinds who help keep it all on track. Not to mention Paula Hane and Nancy Herther (who will be in Charleston!) and Abby and Don Hawkins (who will be blogging Charleston and bringing his wife Pat to help as well) for the online issue and all the wonderful columnists for the print ATG. Anyway, we missed posting a MOOCs article by the understanding Allen McKiel and James Dooley in the November print ATG! OOPS! Coming in Dec/Jan! Meantime, Allen  and Jim will be speaking in Charleston about “Changing Operations in Academic Libraries.

Be sure and view the full Conference program to pick where and when you should be compliments of! And Leah Hinds!

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