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ARL, Coalition voice support for surveillance transparency legislation; Texas Christian University library prepares to relocate 800,000 volumes off Campus; EOS launches German language for EOS.Web OPAC discovery; Americans’ views of online courses; Law libraries combine to preserve vanishing sources online;The Harwood Institute and ALA Launch Program to Help Libraries Tackle Community Issues; IOP Publishing unveils its first ebooks collections

 ARL logoARL, Coalition Voice Support for Surveillance Transparency Legislation

“On September 30, ARL, together with 71 other privacy and civil liberties groups, sent a letter to the US Senate and House Judiciary Committees (PDF), calling on Congress to provide greater transparency around national security–related requests by the US government to Internet, telephone, and web-based service providers for information about users and subscribers. The coalition strongly supports the Surveillance Transparency Act of 2013 (S. 1452) and the Surveillance Order Reporting Act of 2013 (H.R. 3035), each of which would clarify that companies have the right to publish basic statistics about the government demands for user data that they receive…”

Citing TCU 360, InfoDOCKET reports that “to address a need for more study space in the Mary Couts Burnett Library, TCU plans to relocate some of the books to an off-campus warehouse. Books are not being removed, only relocated, said Library Dean June Koelker. “What we’re trying to do is have enough seating so that students can find a place where they want to sit,” Koelker said. “We’re taking some of the space that we’ll gain by moving the books and creating more seating for students.”

EOS International… announces that EOS.Web OPAC Discovery is now available in German. Along with many others, it is an optional default language for EOS.Web OPAC Discovery.

Inside HigherED reports that a new survey by Gallup shows that “a majority of Americans believe online instruction is at least as good as classroom-based courses in terms of providing good value, a format most students can succeed in, and instruction tailored to each individual. But they question the rigor of testing and grading, and whether employers will view such degrees positively…”

In an attempt to combat the problem of “link rot” where “links to primary source material … vanish into cyberspace … an international coalition of law libraries has a plan to make online citations permanent: Perma CC, a site that proposes to host primary source material for ever…”

Harwood logo - www.theharwoodinstitute.orgPRWeb reports that “the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, in collaboration with the American Library Association, is launching a year-long program to help libraries nationwide increase their role as centers for public innovation and change. The training will kick off Oct. 28 in Washington, D.C. at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library with a three-day learning lab.

IOP Publishing (IOP) unveiled “the first titles in the company’s new ebooks publishing programme at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair (9–13 October).

IOP announced its entrance into the ebook market and a new partnership with Morgan & Claypool Publishers (M&C) at the book fair in 2012. One year later and IOP is returning to reveal both the company’s new ebooks platform and the very first published titles…”


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