ATG Star of the Week: Donna Scanlon, Electronic Resources Coordinator, Library of Congress

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Donna2 (2)Name: Donna Scanlon
Position: Electronic Resources Coordinator,
Institution: Library of Congress


Born and Lived: Born: Tucson, AZ.  Lived in a variety of states growing up – no not an “army brat” but a retail management brat.  My father was a manager with a large retail company – transfers were promotions for him so we moved often.  Average stay in one place was 2 years and by the time I graduated from high school at 17, I had been in 18 different schools.  Each move was an adventure and provided opportunities to make new friends and to see other areas of the US.  My siblings did not always share my excitement for the next move.

My adventures growing up have allowed me opportunities in my work life as well.  Not shying away from job opportunities in other areas have provided a terrific professional and personal network as well as opportunities to work at some outstanding organizations.

Professional Career and Activities: Career until 2002 was in Human Resources (HR) and HR systems

In 2004 I began course work at Drexel University and in 2007 earned my Masters in Library Information Science.  My career as a Librarian (until January 2009):

 – Livermore Public Library, Library Assistant supporting the Teen Librarian

 – Las Positas Community College, Librarian

Current employer (beginning January 2009):

Library of Congress:

 – Business Reference Specialist/Librarian (01/2009 – 10/2010)

 – Electronic Resources Coordinator/Librarian (10/2010 – present)

As the Electronic Resources Coordinator I have the opportunity to work closely with the reference staff throughout the Library of Congress and Congressional Research Service to assess e-resource needs, locate appropriate resources, provide/facilitate training for our e-resources, ensure continued access, etc.

Family: Husband of 11 years, Son (26) & Daughter (24) from a prior marriage, Clowder of cats that run the house:  Polo, Heifer, KC, Tasha, and Ivy

In My Spare Time: Wine tasting / collecting – exploring new wine areas and enjoying wines from around the globe – perhaps my favorite hobby

Favorite Books: Alice in Wonderland  (all time favorite); enjoy mysteries, adventures, science fiction/fantasy.

Philosophy: If it is not a direct threat to your life – don’t fret or worry about it!  In most cases it won’t help and will only stress you out more.  Do what you can, the best you can and enjoy yourself along the way.

Most Memorable Career Achievement: I think I have 2 Career Achievements that rank equally:

1)      From my former “work life” – My time working in the corporate office for The Walt Disney Studios and managing the Compensation Administration group responsible for the executive stock plan administration and executive employment contracts.

2)      My current “work life” – My job at the Library of Congress.  It’s like the Disneyland of Libraries and there is always something fascinating to discover!

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: This is a difficult question to answer.  There are so many changes happening in the industry currently.  With technology changing rapidly, consumers migrating to electronic materials, and publishers “fine tuning” their access/delivery models, I have a difficult time predicting the future of the industry.


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