ATG People in the News 9/30/13

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Publishers Weekly reports that “University of Missouri Provost Brian Foster announced David Rosenbaum as the director of the University of Missouri Press. Rosenbaum, director of product development and project management for the American Heart Association, will assume his new role November 1.

“We all know that scholarly communication is in a state of extreme volatility, changing at every level,” said Foster. “David brings to Mizzou a very aggressive, out-of-the-box perspective that will be very important in making the press successful in the current publishing environment. He has some compelling ideas of how to create a more visible presence for the Press in the world of scholarly publishing.”

Prior to his current position at the American Heart Association, where he has managed the domestic and international publishing branches of the association, Rosenbaum served as senior acquisitions editor at Elsevier, senior acquisitions editor at Delmar Cengage Learning, and senior publisher and production manager at the Iowa State Press…”

kerry creelman - info.lib.uh.eduThis article from the University of Houston’s Daily Cougar profiles “Kerry Creelman, the Coordinator of Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach, who is one of a team of 17 people working in liaison services, the front line of student outreach and education. Creelman is dedicated to finding ways to better serve students and improve grades and, in turn, student success.

“I really like working with students,” Creelman said. “Whether it’s teaching them, working one-on-one with them, helping them find their research or helping them use the library in a way that they didn’t know before that all of a sudden saves them time — that, to me, is very rewarding.”

With the advent of technology and aggregator sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, some students at UH have never met their section librarians, who specialize in specific subjects, like English, math, music, law or science.

“I think you’ll hear people say, ‘With the Web, why do we need libraries or why do we need librarians,’ and I actually think you need us more. Some of the basic needs that people went to the library for in the past are gone. That opens the way for far more complex needs,” Creelman said…”

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