ATG: Book of the Week: Management Basics for Information Professionals, 3rd edition

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management basics - Management Basics for Information Professionals, 3rd edition
Authors: G Edward Evans and Camila A. Alire
Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-85604-954-2 £49.95
Imprint: London: Facet, 2013


“Completely revised and expanded to reflect the rapidly changing sphere of information services, this comprehensive introduction to the management of libraries builds the basic skills good library managers must exercise. The authors offer an authoritative approach on the fundamental concepts of management while recognizing the diverse needs of different operating environments.

Drawing from examples of successful leadership techniques from a variety of services – archives, information brokers, libraries, records managements and more, this book demonstrates the most effective ways to plan, delegate, make decisions, communicate, and lead a team. Equal emphasis is placed on personal, fiscal, and technological issues, as well as a look at what the future may hold for incoming managers…”

About a previous edition:

“An excellent addition to the library literature and an authoritative guide to all information library managers and future administrators…Highly recommended.”

“…full of great tips and pertinent references on all sorts of skills and concepts…Easy to read and comprehend, the book would be a great resource for library classes and those interested in library management and administration.”
– Booklist



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