ATG Article of the Week: Expanding Library Support of Faculty Research: Exploring Readiness

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Anyone interested in the future of academic library services will want to check out a recent article that appeared in the July 2013 issue of portal: Libraries and the AcademyAuthored by Jeanne M. Brown and Cory Tucker, both of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Expanding Library Support of Faculty Research: Exploring Readiness offers a much needed reexamination of the library role in supporting faculty research.

Recognizing that the world of faculty research is undergoing considerable and ongoing upheaval, the authors surveyed faculty members at their institution “regarding research practices and perceptions of the importance of both current and upcoming library research support services, including collections.”

Authors Brown and Tucker start by laying some solid groundwork with a thorough literature review and then by discussing results from other recent faculty surveys at UNLV, as well as the existing perceptions of  current research services gleaned from discussions with library liaisons.  They follow this with a brief description of their methodology and then they get to the most revealing and enlightening sections of the article; their findings and their conclusions – all supported by data from six informative tables.

Expanding Library Support of Faculty Research: Exploring Readiness gives readers a lot to think about by highlighting relevant and compelling findings and data about an concern we all share. So don’t delay. Click on the article an check it out.

(Editor’s note:  The link provided is to the Digital Scholarship @UNLV repository version of the article.  It is also available in the Project MUSE database)

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