RUMORS: Updates from the ATG NewsChannel 8/12/13

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By Katina Strauch

Wow! The amazing Deanna Marcum (Managing Director, Ithaka S+R) just announced that Ithaka S+R is launching a new series: Ithaka S+R Issue Briefs. Deanna says that these short pieces promise to deliver insight, to get our juices flowing, and to create spaces for great conversation about ideas. Rick Anderson, University of Utah’s interim dean and director of libraries, kicks off the series with an Issue Brief about the future of libraries entitled “Can’t Buy Us Love.” Rick writes: “During these past two decades of radical change and energetic response, I believe we have missed a much more important shift, one that poses a more direct and existential threat than the one posed by the move from print to online. We have failed to prepare for the emergence of a reality in which our very role as brokers, curators, and organizers has itself been fundamentally undermined.”

There has been lot of discussion lately on many venues (Against the Grain, Liblicense, Scholarly Kitchen, among other places, about the publication of theses and dissertations electronically and whether or not this inhibits the ability to get them published by traditional publishers. (see earlier ATG articles by Sandy Thatcher) Jonathan Harwell chimed in on the ATG News Channel as well. Do you answer our “Our Wonder Wednesday” questions? Is your library buying revised dissertations? Is your library receiving revised dissertations on approval? Go to the  ATG News Channeland tell us your opinion!

The incredibly energetic Leah Hinds (can’t do without her!) was talking to Elizabeth Lorbeer <> about the Charleston Conference. It turns out that Liz will not be in Charleston this year. She has another commitment to attend the AAMC (medical) conference. As we told you back in June print ATG (did you see it?), Liz has left UAB to start a new medical library from scratch! She is working to build the school’s curriculum! What an amazing adventure! Image taking a job where you have to build the entire thing from scratch — no ILS, no ILL, no link resolver, no e-journals, no e-books, no staff! Most days are interesting! Liz says right now she is the “Library”, but at the end this is going to be the Best Virtual Medical Library in Michigan! Hoo-Ha!

And speaking of Charleston, I hear that Condé Nast Traveler just dubbed Charleston, SC the “friendliest city in the US!”

But one sad bit of news, maybe. Turns out that the old Charleston County Library which was in the dilapidated vacant building next to the historic Embassy Suites hotel downtown has been abolished! There is lots of back story here. The library was built in 1960 amid much controversy. It was approved for demolition in 2007 amid even more controversy! But it is 2013 and a new hotel is slated to open on the summer of 2016. Watch for a “’grand classical design,’ including bronze doors, a copper roof and genuine stucco.”


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