ATG Star of the Week: Jan Reichelt, Co-Founder & President, Mendeley

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Jan5Name: Jan Reichelt
Position: Co-Founder & President,
Organization: Mendeley


Born and Lived: Born in Heidelberg, Germany; lived in the Rhein area, in Cologne

Professional Career and Activities: Studied business administration with a focus on e-business and information management, studied in Italy and the UK; enrolled as PhD student in information management at the University of Cologne, lecturer in e-business; previously advisor to a member of the supervisory board at SAP

Family: All German 🙂

In My Spare Time: Got totally fascinated with Latin-American dances such as Salsa, regularly attending (very non-academic) dance congresses…

Favorite Books: Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett)

Philosophy: I believe in what I call “the James Bond effect” – in the end, everything will work out!

Most Memorable Career Achievement: Mendeley so far…

Goals I Hope to Achieve Five Years from Now: Continue to build Mendeley as a contribution to the academic community, and maybe set up a (education-related?) business in Brazil! Really only maybe…

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: All will go digital, and we need to more pro-actively embrace user behaviour, collaboration, and sharing. The academic community has a lot of valuable content, but we have not yet been able to capture, evaluate, and monetize the “social layer” of academic and professional research activity. What if this social layer becomes ever more important and dominant in our industry, as we can see already happening in the “regular consumer world”, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? Our industry doesn’t have the right platforms yet to embrace this shift, or to make the most out of a combination of content with tools and technology, and Mendeley (now together with Elsevier) is trying to provide direction and vision with this.

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