Rumors: Updates from the ATG News Channel 7-22-2013

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pic2by Katina Strauch, Editor

Was just poking through OCLC NextSpace magazine (no.21) which has Jay Jordan’s last column before he retired June 30. The issue is about the networked library. And staring up at me (p.16) is Lynn Silipigni Connaway, one of our Charleston Conference regulars. This is an interview with Lynn about the OCLC/ALISE Library & Information Science Research Grant Program (LISRPG) and how this twenty-five year old program promotes independent research that helps librarians integrate new technologies in the information environment. (Sure hope we got a Charleston Conference proposal from Lynn for 2013.)

Speaking of which, this coming weekend a group of us will be going over the proposals that have been turned in so far. At last count there were 140 of them. And the deadline is July 24. (Y’all know me, don’t tell Beth and Leah) – but some of the most interesting stuff comes in at the last minute because of all that is happening in this crazy world around us! So, consider suggesting a topic you want to be sure we explore. It’s never too late!

And, I have talked to two great women just this past week about proposals for Charleston! One is the wonderful Laura Berg at Gale who it turns out is pregnant with her second baby, due any minute. Sex not known yet but maybe we will know in the next week or so? Just like Kate Middleton! (can you believe the reporters and regular people who are camped outside the hospital waiting?). Got sidetracked. The second great woman I was talking to was the awesome Christine Goetz (ProQuest) who got up at 6 am to talk to us about proposals among other things!

Heard from Robert Ross at OCLC who is coming to Charleston this year. He was asking for contact information about an old College of Charleston employee who has left librarianship for social work. Boo hiss! Meantime, let’s track him down in Charleston!

Speaking of employees changing jobs, was surprised to hear that David Parker (who I have never met but hope to this year in Charleston) has left Business Expert Press (BEP) to join ASP (Alexander Street Press), moving up the alphabet and all that! David will be Publisher for Business Products at ASP. We have a “mini online interview” with David! And we are looking forward to his regular column in ATG beginning in September!

I spent some time going through the University of Minnesota Press catalog the other day. Many good titles to purchase! On the cover there was an open stressed-out-looking umbrella. It called to me since we have been literally inundated with rain here in Charleston for two months straight! In fact, several of us are thinking of buying a boat to get to work! (you know how it floods in downtown, but with all this precipitation, it has been flooding east and west outside of the Charleston peninsula! I just hope that the rain will get out of Charleston’s system in time for the Charleston Conference! Looking on the plus side, it’s not as hot as usual this summer!

Ain’t it inspirational! Was just reading in The Bookseller that Arthur Frommer has bought back his brand from Google and plans to launch FrommerMedia which will be handled by Publisher’s Group West (the Perseus Group). Good luck to the 83-yer-old Mr. Frommer! I spent a lot of time reading and living cheaply off his $5 a day travelogues in my youth!



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