RUMORS: Updates from the ATG NewsChannel 6/24/13

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by Katina Strauch, Editor

Just had a nice email from Henk Edelman who has moved back to New York and seems to love it! Henk is reviewing The Books that Shaped Art History, edited by Richard Shone and John-Paul Stonard (Thames & Hudson April 2013), hopefully shortly. In the meantime, he has published an article in Quaerend, an academic journal devoted to manuscripts and printed books and various aspects of the history of books from 1500 to the present published by Brill. The article is titled,Nijhoff in American: Booksellers from the Netherlands and the Development of American Research Libraries, Part III.”  Worth a read. Fascinating!

battle_of_9.99Recently devoured The Battle of $9.99: How Apple, Amazon and the “Big Six” Publishers Changed the e-Book Business Overnight, a new e-Book single from Publishers Weekly which purports to “tell the true story behind Apple’s eBook price-fixing trial.” It’s by the hard-charging Andrew Richard Albanese of PW who has attended the Charleston Conference more than once when he was working for Library Journal.  The eBook “single” is available from various providers. I downloaded it on my iPad from the Apple iBookstore. It’s  163 pages with much detailed information. Pub date: June 20, 2013. ISBN 9781625390929. price: $1.99.  Available for purchase at

I was given the biography of Steve Jobs a few Christmases ago but haven’t read it yet. Apparently SJ, though dying, was a large part of the discussions about the iBookstore, Amazon, and eBook pricing. The lovable Bill Hannay assures me he will give us his take when the trial is over (soon!) is over and the judge delivers her verdict. (She loves her iPad it was reported!)

Just had a delightful visit this weekend from my daughter Ileana and her fiancé Sam. Since Sam is a cardiothoracic surgeon, this press release caught my eye! BJS (British Journal of Surgery), one of the premier surgical journals in Europe and one of the top surgical periodicals in the world, published by Wiley, is marking its 100th anniversary with a number of special activities. As part of the commemorative events, a series of twelve leading articles, “The Centenary Collection”, will be published throughout the year. In the first of these special articles, “Surgical History,” Harold Ellis, Professor at King’s College London School of Medicine, looks back at volume one of BJS. As an additional part of the centenary celebrations, BJS has made the first issue from 1913 available for free. This issue provides fascinating insight into historical Instructive Mistakes, Rare or Obscure Cases, New Instruments and Appliances, and an Obituary of Lord Joseph Lister. To access the issue, visit:

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