ATG Star of the Week: Michael Arthur, Head of Acquisitions & Collection Services, University of Central Florida Libraries

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Name: Michael A. Arthur
Title: Head of Acquisitions & Collection Services
Organization: University of Central Florida Libraries
Address: UCF Libraries, 12701 Pegasus Drive, Orlando, FL, 32816-2666
Phone: 407-882-0143
Fax: 407-823-1424


Born and lived: I was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and lived there until I completed by MLS and accepted my first professional position at Ball State University in the fall of 2000.

Early life: I spent my early years living just outside of Bloomington and was active in sports and recreation. I enjoyed the small town lifestyle and was crazy about sports at IU. Being so close to the campus growing up I was definitely a Hoosier all the way.

Professional career and activities: I started working at the Indiana University Libraries while I pursuing my undergraduate degree and I have been working in libraries ever since. I worked at IU from 1988 through 2000, then accepted my first professional position at Ball State University. I then moved to Old Dominion University, and I am now at the University of Central Florida. I am active in NASIG and ALA and I would not miss The Charleston Conference. I served as Chair of the Collection Planning Committee for the State Universities of Florida in 2012 and I served as co-chair of the Collection Planning Committee for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries from July 2011 through June 2013. I just completed a year as NASIG Conference Registrar. I have enjoyed being active in the profession through regular conference membership, and collaborating on presentations and publications with many great professionals. I have also been lucky to serve on library advisory boards for Springer, Alibris for Libraries, and Sage.

Family: My wife Amy and I are lucky to have three wonderful children, Jacob (15), Abigail (13) and Sarah (11).

In my spare time: I enjoy camping and outdoor recreation

Philosophy: The key to success for libraries is providing the best service to our users and teaching them about the content we offer and the best ways to find that content. We should actively serve students, faculty and the greater community. We are most successful when we work collaboratively within our own institutions, and with our peer institutions toward the common goal of providing the best service.

Most memorable career achievement: I am happy to have been selected by my peers in the state to serve first as vice chair and then chair of the Collection Planning Committee. Together we addressed several important topics and continued a tradition of cooperation that has resulted in stronger collections for each institution.

Goal I hope to achieve five years from now:  In the next five years I will continue toward my goal of being in library administration and increasing my involvement within the profession.

How/where do I see the industry in five years: Academic Libraries will continue to work toward taking full advantage of technology to provide content to users when and where they need it. The emphasis will be on new modes of content delivery and taking full advantage of social media to market the library to new users. Libraries will work collaboratively to address overcrowding by contributing to shared storage facilities and participating in distributed repositories. Libraries will play a key role in influencing new directions in scholarly communications and hopefully by doing so will build new networks with faculty and administrators within their own institutions. Libraries will continue to transform from buildings that house physical collections to vibrant learning centers that focus on access to information.



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