ATG Book of the Week: Tell about Night Flowers: Eudora Welty's Gardening Letters, 1940-1949

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Title: Tell about Night Flowers: Eudora Welty’s Gardening Letters, 1940-1949
Editor: Julia Eichelberger
Cloth: ISBN 978-1-61703-187-8; $45
Imprint: Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2013


Generally we reserve our book of the week for titles related to libraries and publishing but we couldn’t resist posting this book by a member of the College of Charleston faculty and a library supporter. In Tell about Night Flowers: Eudora Welty’s Gardening Letters, 1940-1949, literary scholar Julia Eichelberger selects and annotates previously unpublished letters by Eudora Welty.  In doing so Julia “not only lets readers glimpse Welty in her garden” she also allows them to see “a brilliant and generous mind responding to the public events, people, art, and natural landscapes Welty encountered at home and on her travels during the 1940s. This book enhances our understanding of the life, landscape, and art of a major American writer…

Welty’s lyrical, witty, and poignant discussions of gardening and nature are delightful in themselves; they are also figurative expressions of Welty’s views of her writing and her friendships. Taken together with thirty-five illustrations, they form a poetic narrative of their own, chronicling artistic and psychic developments that were underway before Welty was fully conscious of them. By 1949 her art, like her friendships, had evolved in ways that she would never have predicted in 1940.”

Julia Eichelberger, Charleston, South Carolina, is a professor of English at the College of Charleston. She is the author of Prophets of Recognition: Ideology and Individual in Novels by Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, Saul Bellow, and Eudora Welty and has published in the Eudora Welty Review, Mississippi Quarterly, and other publications

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