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Coursera announces pilot program with publishers to supplement MOOCs, Librarians take aim at Pew Study; a recently released fact sheet from LIBER; an ebook data experiment from OverDrive and Sourcebooks; Wiley Global Finance Launches;   27th Annual National Archives Preservation Conference canceled;

Coursera Announces Pilot Program With Publishers to Supplement Online Courses With High Quality Content

The Wall Street Journal reports that Coursera, the MOOC course provider,  “announced a pilot program with several of the top higher education publishers to expand the availability of their high-quality content and resources, to be facilitated by Chegg, the student hub where students can access the tools and materials they need to succeed.

Starting today, publishers Cengage Learning, Macmillan Higher Education, Oxford University Press, SAGE, and Wiley will experiment with offering to Coursera students, at no cost for the duration of the course, versions of their e-textbooks, delivered via Chegg’s DRM-protected e-Reader. Coursera is also actively discussing pilot agreements and related alliances with Springer and additional publishers…”

See also SAGE announces a major partnership with Coursera for an interview with SAGE conducted by Sue Polanka of No Shelf Required.

 Digital Shift notes that “a recent national report from the Pew Research Center that stated that most parents consider libraries important for their children has attracted some criticism from the library community, which is concerned that the findings are based on a skewed sample and put too much emphasis on reading…

Critics of the report, such as Jeri Hurd, a high school library media specialist at the Western Academy of Beijing, and Buffy Hamilton, a learning strategist at the Cleveland Public Library, say that the sample is skewed toward parents that are white, relatively young, and well-educated, and so do not represent the general population…”

InfoDOCKET citing the LIBER Blog Post reports on a “recently released fact sheet from LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) that explains why the organization is, “advocating for a more flexible copyright system that will allow text and data mining to be used to its full potential.”

The two page document asks and answers these questions:

  • What Is Text And Data Mining?
  • Why Is It Important?
  • Why Do Libraries Want A Copyright Exception?
  • How Can You Help?”

OverDrive and Sourcebooks to Launch Ambitious Ebook Data Experiment

Library Journal reports that “OverDrive and Sourcebooks are preparing to launch an innovative and ambitious pilot program whose goal is to clearly demonstrate the impact library ebook lending has on book sales and author recognition.

OverDrive sent a letter today to about 35,000 librarians worldwide and invited them to opt in to a program that will run from May 15 through June 1 and allow all participating libraries to feature simultaneously on their OverDrive home page, at no cost, a single title from Sourcebooks…”

Citing the press release Resource Shelfreports that “Wiley Global Finance is excited to announce the launch of its newest vertical and professional community,, a hub featuring all of Wiley’s premiere trading content.

Whether an experienced trader or new to the market, Wiley Trading provides visitors with information on everything from stocks, commodities, options, futures, and Forex to trading strategies, technical analysis tactics, and trading psychology. The site includes more than 100 streaming videos, only available on, and more valuable resources available in a variety of formats and media, including DVDs, print books, and ebooks, offering traders a variety of options to select the content best suited to their personal preferences…”

  • 27th Annual National Archives Preservation Conference Canceled

Due to budget cuts, the National Archives 2013 Preservation Conference has been canceled. For any additional information please contact the Conference Coordinator: Richard Schneider, 301-837-3617




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