ATG Star of the Week: Philippe Boisvert, Subject Librarian, Engineering and Physics, Université Laval

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Name: Philippe Boisvert
Position: Subject Librarian
Library: Engineering and Physics, Université Laval


Born and Lived: I was born in a small town of the province of Quebec, in Canada. I lived most of my life in that province, but also lived almost 3 years in the province of Ontario. Like the majority of people from Quebec, my first language is French.

Professional Career and Activities: I have a Master’s degree in Physics (with a specialisation in astrophysics) that I did at the Université de Montréal. I also started a PhD in that field at McMaster University, before switching to a Master’s degree in information science. While getting that degree, I worked one summer as an analyst at the strategic office of Library and Archives Canada, near Ottawa.I also did my internship at the Physics Library of the Université of Montréal. Right after graduating in information science, I got a contract at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), which is an engineering university in Montreal. There, I did a lot of indexation and reference, and I also implemented a service of online reference. After 8 months at the ÉTS, I was hired by the Université Laval, in Québec City, to be the subject librarian for Engineering and Physics. I have been there for almost 2 years now. My main functions include: collection development, teaching the use of EndNote and of our databases, reference, original indexation, managing the content of my parts of the library web, liaison with the departments. I’m also actively participating in the implementation of a PDA program.

In My Spare Time: I love travelling and I use almost all my vacation time for that. I love to read, both fiction and non-fiction on all subjects.  That’s probably why I work in a library now! I also love music, visual arts and all the forms of fiction (theater, movies, TV shows). I also love sports, especially volleyball and downhill skiing.

Favorite Books: I love the series A Song of Ice and Fire, from George R.R. Martin. I love Dostoevsky. I love Flaubert. I love Victor Hugo. I could continue like that for a long time…

On the non-fiction side, I’m especially fond of science and history books. Some authors I really like: Jared Diamond, Hubert Reeves (he writes in French), Oliver Sacks, etc.

And I must say that I also read a lot of travel guides!

Philosophy: It was formed by thinking about what I learned from science, history and the existing philosophies, and it was shaped by the values transmitted to me as I grown up.

How/Where Do I See the Industry in Five Years: The proportion of the electronic documents will continue to increase. PDA will become more popular. But in many cases, people will continue to prefer paper books.

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